Wednesday, June 14, 5:36 pm EST. That left a mark. The metals didn’t have a rough day, but the miners sure did! Wow, did they get knocked down! I’m going to look at the charts. I want to see how close to testing support they might be getting.

Clearly, it’s time to update the timer. Support is intact, and unbroken… but, in a number of instances, price is starting to get close. I’m 3 days behind, but I’ll catch it up Thursday, and see where we stand.

Volume was 64% higher than the 50-day average, which is a lot of volume compared to recent times. I’ve wanted things to settle back, that we might get a restart on a new rally… hopefully, one that will have ‘substance’ behind it. This kind of sell-off can go a long way to setting up such a low-risk entry as that. So, we will be watching and waiting closely, as we may get our next opportunity in another week or so!

Here’s to your accumulation of real wealth!


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