Wednesday, June 21, &:32 pm EST. Today, gold rose, but silver declined… this evening, though, both are up a little better than .2%. Movement may appear to be taking place. I need to go to the charts, and look at price and volume. IF the miners are moving ahead of the metals, AND there’s any significant improvement in volume behind that… IT may be here. To the charts!

Alright. I got this! Prices DID move up well today, ahead of the metals. But, there was NO volume behind it to speak of. In fact, rather, volume was off by 42% of the 50-day average.

Let’s note where prices are in the morning, and then, we may get some better idea. If the miners have a good outing, and volume should swell considerably… It might be well worth the risk to try to step up and take new positions.



2 thoughts on “Is It Already Here?

  1. A day earlier, KCNA vowed North Koreans would “take revenge upon the U.S. aggressors with the approach of June 25, the day of struggle against U.S. imperialism.”
    One possibility is North Korea maybe hinting that it will mark June 25 to conduct its sixth nuclear test or test-fire another ballistic missile. The date of June 25, 1950 is the anniversary of when North Korea’s army attacked South Korea, crossing the so-called 38th parallel and touching off the Korean War.


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