Thursday, June 22, 7:09 am EST. Metals are definitely up enough overseas this morning, that we need to start paying closer attention to the price action of the metals and miners today. We could be on the cusp of a significant turning point here.

It’s simple. If price and volume increase a goodly amount… join in, but with a tight stop, in case it’s not real. Or, wait for confirmation, by way of a later follow-through. A person could do both, and treat both entries with the appropriate safety precautions.

I’m still away on vacation, and am likely to look back in sometime late, as we have an evening dinner date out. If not tonite, then Friday morning.


8:38 am EST. A look in on our market in the metals, after it opened, shows the metals, especially silver, even higher. This could be that turning point worth jumping on! Some of you will……… look for volume to expand first!



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