Friday, June 23, 9:08 pm EST. So, is it the real deal? Is it the rally we’ve been waiting for? Should we back up the truck, and load up? Is it time to put it all out there?

Prices did well today! And, volume… well, volume improved too… a little… a very little. How little? Whereas volume was off by 26% from the 50-day average Thursday… it was off by 21% today, Friday, from that 50-day average. Or, in other words, there appeared to be some more participation… maybe, but very little more. Certainly not enough more that I could tell anyone that this was that opportunity we’ve all been waiting for. Because the evidence is in, and the evidence says… this is still a yawner, and anyone willing to risk a trade had better be ready to bail speedily, as it’s not beginning to show the kind of life that would say, “Hey, look at me! I’m pulling out of the station, and you’d better be climbing on board, or you’ll miss the train!” Nope. I’d rather wait… maybe even for a whole ‘nother opportunity.

I’ll let what I have in remain there, but I’ll not commit anything more yet. Perhaps Monday will have more to say, but this week evoked no confidence from out of me!

What’s anyone else got to say about it?



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