Friday, June 30, 7:54 pm EST. I went thru the charts. The miners are firming up right here, where I see gold trying to put in support. All the miners appear to be looking good. I’ll update the timer, as gold did close a bit lower, and this will push the indicators down some. I’m curious as to just how much closer they’re getting to giving a signal.

Yes, sir! Price is not at its lower trading bands, but close. F1 has signaled. F2 is so close, I can taste it. F3 tends to be slower, and is within, perhaps just 2 days of signaling. F4 has already turned up, and may have signaled. It came so close, I can’t say. What does that matter? F5 has JUST tagged 40 today, and that’s a signal. Finally, F6 is at 6, and is re-signaling.

I’m feeling real good about what I’m seeing. I think I see gold and many miners looking like they’re finding support. The timer is close to giving an all-clear, lo-risk entry signal.

I think we’ll see something happen next week! O, and as I survey the same indicators for stocks, specifically the OEX and the QQQ, I see a similar set-up taking place, except that I can see them requiring just a little more time than gold… say, another few days.

I certainly do hope that all goes down a little further, and that I can deploy a lot of cash into favorite ideas, both with precious metals, and safe-dividend growing stocks!



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