Friday, June 30, 12:43 pm EST. I’ve updated the timer, and I am correct. The technical measures of market risk are getting back to their respective signaling places. Let me review them with you.

First, is the relationship of price with the two lower trading bands the OEXpert 7 Timing Program generates. I would love to see some further decline to the 116 to 117 area for GLD. It’s presently around 118, the number I called for earlier, but the program has since lowered those bands a bit. Price is close to touching the first of its two lower trading bands.

F1 presently reads 20, but it has already been down to 4, and turned back up. It signaled previously, and that signal is still in effect. Going sideways, flat at 20, it’s about to turn back down again. Anything under 10 serves as a good signal. A few more days, and it could signal again.

F2 is almost at -4 and signaling. I’d expect it to signal today, if price closes lower.

F3 is at 23, and falling fast. Anything under 10 is a signal and could get there in a couple or 3 more days.

F4 is at about -3.5 to -4. Just a bit lower, and it will signal, too.

F5 is at 48, and needs to get to 40 to signal. Again, just 2 more days or so, and it will join the camp.

F6 has just been under 10, and signaled, but it has already turned, up, reversed back down, and is at 12, and falling back.

In short, everything in the OEXpert 7 Timing Program has either signaled already, as F1 and F6 have, but, with just a little more downside price action, F2, F3, F4 and F5 will join in and give us a lo-risk market entry signal.

Let’s see what we get the next few trading days, coming up on the holiday, as I think we’ll see an opportunity to arise very soon. And, by the way, timing stocks by means of the data for the OEX and the QQQ, I see stocks putting in some kind of a tradable bottom shortly, too!

Harold F Crowell



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