Thursday, July 6, 4:29 pm EST. The metals are just a bit lower. The market’s not closed yet, but the indicators are almost getting to that screaming point. Risk is quite wrung out now.

The same holds for stocks. As I seek to time the stock market, it is almost in the same place. Just one more day for both markets, stocks and gold, would put things in a very pretty place.

However, tomorrow morning is the monthly JOBS report, and supposedly that is what everyone is waiting on. I don’t know what it’s going to say, but if it says nothing bad, I would expect that just might be the fresh catalyst to kick things off. So, let us wait, and let us see, come 8:30 am EST Friday morning, shall we?



9 thoughts on “Getting Exciting!

  1. Thanks, Harold. With that, I think I will look at P3 and later this evening at VP software and see if I can add anything useful.


  2. PVG squeezed in early May and has continued to go up then fall back and repeat since then as it continues to try to complete the pattern. It has also put in a triple bottom. And they did their first commercial pour. Had you bought then (about $9.40), at least you are profitable at $9.87 today.

    Squeezed in May also applies to SSRI. It has not faired as well. If you bought then (about $10) and held, you would be down to $9.30/share now.

    FSM may be trying to do the same as PVG; it also squeezed in May, but has had rough going trying to complete the pattern. Had you bought in May, you are up about 15 ȼ.

    These are about the only ones where the P3 pattern looks promising. Others could do so, but not may of the components are in place yet.


    1. The following are mining stocks or ETFs with up, up, up predictions. With the symbol, I will give the trend (up or down) and how many days. The Neural index is their take using proprietary software and to determine patterns, whether up, down or neutral.
      ALB, 4 day up trend, neural index (NI) is up and predictions are up, up, up. This is what you really want to see!
      AUY down, 1 day, neural index neutral
      GLD down, 6 days, NI is up.
      GG up, 1 day, NI up and the rest is of course, up, up, up. ALB is better due to 4 day up trend, but….
      FCM down 17 days, NI is 1, and up, up, up, so perhaps this is turning
      BHP up 7 days, NI is 1 and up, up, up.
      Others covered: Wheaton, SSRI, DBP, DGL, PAAS, NEM, GDX, SLV, IAU, HL, FCX, CDE, ABX, AA, VALE—none of which had things lined up. Remember, not all stocks or ETFs are covered and some Canadian stocks with NYSE dual listings are only listed in the Canadian section, which I cannot access.


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