Tuesday, August 8, 8:31 pm EST. My wife’s mother may be close to passing at 90. Lots of family has been coming in from around the country.

Gold actually had a decent day today, but not so many of the miners. Do the charts tell us anything. Gold bounced off of its own 50-day moving avg, which is bullish, and on at least average volume, too, which hasn’t been common lately. Silver also had a good day, and its volume was a little better than its 50-day avg, and both formed a bullish hammer type of candlestick. Where the miners, in the main, didn’t follow suit, we will want to see if the metals follow through over night, and the miners might find any encouragement from them Wednesday.

Despite what’s going on here, I need to update the timer… there may be some indication within it that might give me an idea as to how close we may start to be getting, as well as to what price, and how long we might need before a signal might be generated. I’ll try to update it Wednesday.

A look in on metals prices overseas as of 8:44 pm EST, they are up some more. Gold by $3, and silver by $.05. Not insignificant, but nothing huge either… the start of something?



2 thoughts on “Don’t Go to Sleep!

  1. Sorry to hear about your mother-in-law. We recently went through the same thing a couple months ago.

    As for Gold, as of 9 PM it is up $8.

    The Korea rhetoric just went off the charts.


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