Wed., Aug.9, 7:04 am EST. Well, the whole N. Korea mess is giving us a ‘raise,’ but I’d gladly give it back, if it would just go away! Looks like stocks will continue to take a hit, and the metals are being their typical safe-haven. And, what are we going to get? A nuclear exchange? Nah. Our capability is so much greater, more vast. We’ve no doubt been working on co-ordinates and establishing targets for a very long time, and allocating the appropriate conventional weaponry towards each one. I remember when we unleashed on Saddam one Wednesday night in January of ’91 on live TV! If it comes to a strike, it will be just as the Prez described yesterday… and they’ll never know what hit them!

If anything like this should unfold, we’re going to get a tremendous increase in the metals, but it’ll likely be brief. I would sell a lot into that, and buy back as things were settling down, and a price collapse was taking place.

China and Russia would love to watch… just to see what we’ve got, and how effectively we could use it.



2 thoughts on “North Korea: Good for Gold?

  1. I think a quick Nuke salvo is not the likely scenario. A massive conventional exchange with 1M+ victims.

    But before that North Korea will likely try to give US a punch in the nose i.e. Guam or some strike against a US Naval ship.

    The Prez bombastic statement (Red Line) will egg NK on to stir the pot.


  2. I only disagree to the extent that the Prez needed to say what he did for US public consumption. The news was NK has nukes, and can reach us here in the US. His Job 1 is our defense, and he told us he would do it. Logistically, I’m sure it is all being put in place, as we write these things. Whether it stirs any pot over there, was not his intent, nor should any here care. They have genuinely threatened us, and we may now pre-empt. It is our right. Harold


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