Monday, August 21, 6:29 am EST. I see that the metals are ahead by a little overnight. Nothing big, but nonetheless, up, rather than down. There’s talk of what this eclipse means… It means the moon is coming between the earth and the sun! Anything beyond that is not science, but speculations… some based in religion. Certainly nothing to do with economics and finance.

The technicals have not reset. There’s no technical base, or launching point, in place from which to look for a rally. What we’ve seen of late has been news driven, and that can blow prices around like confetti in the wind. I’m watching, and I’m waiting for a technical sign. It’s going to come in the form of some kind of price break through a line of support, or resistance, on volume. It will signal, and later confirm, that a new move of major proportions is taking place. It is reasonably believed and expected to be up. If, and when, that should happen… I want to be there, and to participate in a big enough way so as to profit well. I trust it will be worth the wait and effort.



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