Wednesday, March 13, 7:07 am EST. The metals are doing pretty good overnight… good enough to launch a breakout today? Possibly! That’s what we’re going to be looking for. So much is at near-term, at least 6-month, highs, and the metals are pushing the miners right to nearest-term resistance areas, where they might get enough push to drive thru.

The metals did a great job of holding up my portfolio when stocks were having a rough go of it the last quarter of ’18… Now, they may be making an effort, an attempt, to take my portfolio to new highs, while stocks have yet to attain their previous highs.

Be on the lookout… we’re wanting to find gold and silver miners to be breaking out into new high price area, either on a 6-month basis, or preferably on a 1-year, a 52-week basis. As they might do that, you can expect volume to increase, and for a real push to take hold. As that might commence, we will want to get fully aboard… That’s what I’m looking for… Anyone else watching? I’ll shout it out, when I see it!


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