Be paying close attention. The metals are up a decent amount overseas again overnight. At some point, it’s going to capture the attention of the crowds, and volume should surge… IF this is ever going to get real.

You can position yourself here, if you haven’t already, and put tight stops underneath your purchases, because, for sure, one of these times, it’s going to be the real one, and it will be big… Or, and I would never blame anyone that did… just keep watching, and wait for a goodly, high-volume, confirmation.

I should have added that a great many were bumping their heads up against overhead, 50 and 200-day resistance lines at the close yesterday, but I failed to state that. In just about every instance where that was, the morning’s opening pop will likely break through all of those.

I’ll post a list of those that closed at either their 50 or 200 day resistance, and any lift-off of these today, should probably put all of them right thru those resistance lines and levels.