Friday, June 16 8:14 pm EST. This week is over. Volume was huge, but it was due to options expiration. It doesn’t mean anything to our analysis.

Prices were mixed. Gold was up, and silver was down, so the miners were all over the place. But, it does mean that the measures of risk would still be falling. I need to update the timer with today’s closing data.

Updating the OEXpert 7 Timer, the indicators are dropping down fast. I could see this market generating a signal possibly in the next week, if prices continue to be soft. It would help if GLD were to continue down to something under $118, and into its 2 lower trading bands that appear when I punch the F1 key.

We’re getting closer. Stocks are also wringing out risk. I’m watching both the stock market and the precious metals. I time stocks to time the purchase of my investments. I time the metals to trade the miners.

I’ll be away next week. There’s wi-fi where I’m going, and I believe I’ll have a working laptop or two along with me. I have every intention of staying on top of things while I hope to enjoy the southern side of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Happy Fathers Day to all you dad’s out there! May God bless you!!!



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