TIGHT Stops?

I hope, if you bought anything, that you kept your stops tight, as they are likely to be hit… as this ‘rally’ launch seems to have failed! CAUTION is advised!!!



Was This Big?

The metals did well, and the miners did very well! Very well, indeed! If the volume was as big, we have something started here! What do the charts have to tell us? Let’s see!

Can we just please start with those gainers that did so… on big volume? Sure! they are: SGDM, PVG, ABX, FSM, GDX, SILJ, SLW, SSRI, RGLD,

What? Some only rose on average volume? Like: AG, PAAS,

Well, what do you know… there’s some that rose on light volume, too… as: CDE, GLD, SLV and HL did.

Now, the average volume for all rose by a meaningful 47%! This is not to be ignored, or taken lightly… we have a likely lift-off here, and it should be played by any who are traders! But, as with any such early calls, you place a close tight stop initially, and it if it’s not hit, you in for the run! Is it going to run? It’s looking like it might!

If you’re not so inclined, you watch and wait very closely for whatever confirmation you need to try to make the trade work for you. I made my call by about 11:00 am EST, this morning, and I’m officially calling this a new rally kick-off… until it proves to be anything else! It’s been 4 straight up days… on increasing volume! It’s a signal… in all probability. What we really need to see now though, would be for volume to also go big on the metal ETFs, GLD and SLV, as well. that would really help to clinch it!

Here’s to your accumulation of real wealth!

It Looks to be Happening!

It’s almost 11:00 am EST, and the metals are up well, and the miners are looking to be truly taking off!

You could become a buyer… right here! Put a tight stop under each purchase, and if this is the GO, you will be making some serious green, “right from the get-go”.

What are you going to do right now?


It’s Lookin’ Up!

Wednesday, the metals rose, and most of the miners did, as well. This evening, overseas, they’re doing even better! Things are beginning to look up! So, is there any volume coming in yet? Let’s take a look…

Let’s commence with gainers on light volume: SGDM, GLD, SLV, GDX, PVG, RGLD, CDE, SSRI.

And, on average volume: ABX, SILJ, FSM, SLW.

We’ve got decliners on light volume: PAAS, AG and HL.

Average volume was off by 26%. Conviction has still not come into this market, but if the overseas gains hold up, or do even better than they have by 10:23 pm EST, then, just maybe, tomorrow will see some real excitement build, resulting in higher volume buying coming in. Watch for it, this just might become tradable! Selling volume had been declining… and buying volume has been picking up… all of which is a plus!

Here’s to your accumulation of real wealth!
Harold F Crowell

Happy Tuesday, or Was It?

Metals and miners had a real nice day today! ‘Bout time! I’m not going to try to guess the volume, or whether the market is turning yet… let’s just go to the charts, and see if they have anything to tell us. First of all, the metals rose, but the miners fairly exploded! That’s a very positive sign.

So, gold rose. GLD went up today, but on very light volume. A look at silver, as SLV, did the very same… so, what was with our miners then?

These rose on light volume, as well: PAAS, ABX, RGLD, PVG, GDX, CDE, FSM, AG, SSRI and SLW.

The lift-off on big volume did happen with these: SGDM.

We’ve got gainers, on average volume here: SILJ, HL.

So, while the gains looked good, the volume was pitiful. Average volume for all 15 symbols was off the 50-day average by 30%. It was nice to see what they did, but without some serious conviction behind it, there’s no need for any unnecessary excitement… yet!

Here’s to your accumulation of real wealth!
Harold F Crowell

Merry Christmas!

To all my readers, I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Gold had a decent day, and is doing better overseas this evening. Silver… not so much, but it’s not bad either. All, but 1, of the miners rose on the day. Let’s see what they’re looking like in their charts.

Gold rose on light volume, as seen in the ETF, GLD. Other gainers on light volume include the following: RGLD, ABX, PAAS, GDX, CDE, SILJ, HL, PVG, FSM, SSRI, SLW,

These rose, however, on average volume: SGDM.

Silver declined on light volume, in its ETF, SLV. Our one falling miner, AG, did the same.

Overall volume was off by 31%, which probably stands to reason, as everyone no doubt wanted to be done early and go home for the Christmas holiday. It’s attempting to base again, and the question is, of course, will this be the final base, that becomes the bottom? We don’t have any clue or sign yet, so, we’ll just keep watching and waiting, and wait for the cue to get back aboard.

Here’s to your accumulation of real wealth!
Harold F Crowell

Trying to Find a Bottom?

So, during the day, Thursday, the metals closed down a bit, but now, overnight and overseas, it’s trading up a bit… but, not as much as it had closed down here in the states on Thursday… meanwhile, the miners had a pretty tough day, even though, when I looked in on them earlier, intraday, they were up a decent amount. So, what gives? We’ll just have to go to the charts and see! At some point, we gotta get a break! Only one was up…

Those that fell on light volume were: GLD and SLV, RGLD, SGDM, PAAS, ABX, GDX, SILJ, CDE, HL, FSM, SSRI, AG and SLW.

PVG was our one gainer, and on light volume, too.

Before I look, I know volume had to be light, and so, as I check on it… I see that it was off by 28% from the 50-day average for all 15 issues. It was another nothing, no conviction, kind of day, and only some weak hands selling out… or, so, we should hope.

Here’s to Friday, the last trading day before Christmas! And, here’s to your accumulation of real wealth!

Harold F Crowell

It’s Thursday Already?

Where did Wednesday go? Oh, yea, we went out caroling! In any case… I’ll catch back up with everything after the close, as things are at least looking up right now, as I type this at 10:10 am EST. Later…….


Tuesday’s Troubles

Just how oversold can an asset class get? So, gold declined and silver rose, as of the stock market close Tuesday. What else happened?

GLD declined on light volume, as did the following miners: PAAS, CDE, FSM and SLW.

SLV closed higher, but had taken out its recent lows, all on average volume. PVG made a similar move, as did AG, but it did so on fairly large volume.

RGLD closed lower, and has also taken out its recent lows in the process of doing so. SSRI did, too.

ABX hung in there, closing up on light volume, as did GDX.

SGDM rose, and on big volume, too.

HL fell on big volume. SILJ did, too.

Prices and volume landed just about everywhere, and the average volume for all 15 was down by 16%. It was a no conviction kind of day, and still awaits any good reason to rally. There’s been none of late.

Creating a chart as an average of all 15 being as 1, the price has retreated all the way back to that place where I first saw it breaking out, back on Friday April 8! In other words, all the bull rally I had followed, has now been given back. Will Wednesday have anything for us?

Here’s to your accumulation of real wealth!
Harold F Crowell

Slide Continues!

Overnight overseas, gold sold off some more. Silver too! It will mean more selling of mining shares today, in all likelihood.

And, the day that a decline in metals doesn’t result in a dumping of mining shares, will likely be a sign of a real bottom being put into place! I intend to be there………